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Did I mention I'm 4x legally blind?

John Mayer at Riverbend.

I took a stab at low-light concert photography last night in Cincinnati.  I took my girlfriend to the show for her birthday (and because Mayer is my favorite musician) and managed to sneak in my D5100.  Any photographer knows how strict concert venues can be about “professional” cameras, so smuggling my Nikon was a little stressful.  Once I got it inside, I had to be careful not to be spotted by security due to the risk of being shown the door…or having my camera confiscated until after the show, if it’s still there.  As a result, I was tactful to shoot the vast majority of photos towards the end of the setlist.

I love Mayer’s music and guitar gymnastics, so I wanted truly enjoy the show without constantly looking for the right focus and ISO settings…I didn’t want to be on my camera the entire time.  As a result, I walked away with 10-15 quality images out of 300+.  A few others can be viewed here. 

All photos in this set were: 105mm. ISO 2500. F/2.5. 1/4000.

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